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CRUCIFIXION - STAINER - 5038508009039
Tracks The Crucifixion
01 The came to a place named Gethsemane
02 Could ye not watch with me / They laid their hands on Him and took Him
03 Processional to calvary
04 And when they were to come to the place called calvary
05 Cross of Jesus, cross of sowrrow
06 He made Himself of no reputation
07 King ever glorious
08 And as Mozes lifted the serpent
09 God so loved the world
10 Holy, Jesus, By the passion
11  Jesus said: Father forgive them
12 So Thou liftest Thy divine petition
13 Jesus, the crucified, pleads for me
14 And one of the malefactors
15 I adore Thee
16 When Jesus therefor saw His mother
17 Is it nothing to You
18 From the throne of His cross
19 After this, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished
20 All for Jesus

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